About Lenie Voortman

LV over LV2Lenie Voortman designs and makes fashion accessories and art objects. Her designs result from her ongoing journey of discovery of surprising combinations of techniques and materials. She works with paper, wool and silk, but also with metals such as silver, copper, aluminum and a variety of synthetic materials.

Her creative development as an artist is rooted in her lifelong passion for fashion design and her fascination with the craftmanship of designer and dressmakers. Characteristically, she pushes the limits of techniques and tries out techniques for a certain material on other materials with enormous enthousiasm.

She moved into designing from image consultancy when her clients showed their interest in unique and individually designed, personal accessories. Lenie Voortman started her consultancy following a career as a medical care counsellor and educator. She lives and works in the historic centre of Utrecht, the Netherlands.