About Lenie Voortman

LV over LV2

Until 2021, my work included free work as well as applied art. Everything I made, came forth from  of an ongoing journey of discovery into surprising combinations of techniques and materials. I worked with paper and natural fabrics, but also with metals, ceramics and a variety of synthetic materials. I keep discovering new possibilities which I apply in my own way. For example, I rediscovered photography as a creative medium in 2021.

For many years, I followed courses ranging from hatmaking to gold- and silversmithing and everything in between. The step towards free work flowed from the design of unique, individually designed, personal accessories for clients of my former image consultancy. I started the consultancy after a career as a medical care counsellor and educator.

Lenie Voortman works and lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Exhibitions and publications

2024  Picto Poroso, photo series in Pf Fotografie Magazine, April 2024

2024  With other eyes, Galerie Goudsberg / Museum Lunteren, Lunteren, the Netherlands

2023  Series of five photo’s for postcards issued by Zin in Utrecht

2023  Publication abstract photo in In Beeld, quarterly magazine Fotobond, nr. 114

2023  From Analogue to Smart-o-logue, exhibition Smartphone Group Fotobond, ZIMIHC, Utrecht, the Netherlands

2023  Publicatie abstracte foto in In Beeld, kwartaalmagazine Fotobond, nr. 113

2022  Origins and Destinations, Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades, Capellades, Spain

2021  Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale, Fengxian Museum, Shanghai, China

2021  Origins and Destinations, The Paper Academy, Gillelleje, Denmark

2020  Re-Start, Studi-O, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2020  Aufbruch ins Ungewisse,  Kunstschaffen in Zeiten von Corona, Goetheanum, Dornach, Switserland

2020  CODA Challenge Quarantainesieraden, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

2020  Handmade in Europe, Handwerkskammer, Hannover, Germany

2019  Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale, Fengxian Museum

2019  Cosa mi metto in testa?, Associazione Arcadia, Rocca di Sala Baganza, Parma, Italy

2019  Flower Art Museum, Aalsmeer

2018  Watch, Walk and Wonder, Galerie Paper Art & Design, Den Haag

2018  Virtual Shoe Museum, www.virtualshoemuseum.com

2018  Papier – unARTig, Papierscheune, Homburg am Main, Germany

2018   Papier-Kunst, Handwerkskammer, Hannover, Germany

2017   Art from our own province, Bilthoven, The Netherlands

2017   Nature | Impression, Paper Biennale, Bar Sheva, Israel

2017   Summer in the City, Handwerkskammer, Hannover, Germany

2016   A Feast on Paper Art, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, China

2015   Paper Exhibition, Galerie De Pomp, Warmond, The Netherlands

2014   Paper Hats, Westfries Museum, Hoorn, The Netherlands

2013   Ka-Art 2013, Coda Museum, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands